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Brightening Smiles Since 1992

Happy Teeth. Bright Smiles.

We offer quality oral care services, including denture relines, immediate dentures, partial and complete dentures and more.

Your Trusted Denture Clinic in Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, & Surrounding Areas

It’s always a sunny day at the beach! At Wasaga Beach Denture Clinic, we always look for unique solutions to brighten your smile. With a wide range of denture services, our denture clinic is equipped to provide superior dental care at affordable prices. Our extensive experience in the practice has helped us grow our understanding of complex dental problems. We can handle any complex denture issue at our denture clinic in Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, and the surrounding areas.


Founded in 1992, Wasaga Beach Denture Clinic has become synonymous with reliable denture care. Whether your dentures are worn out or you have an unhealthy mouth condition, we are here to help restore and improve your smile. You can trust us for denture relines and repairs, too.

A Lot More than Just Your Smile

The denturists at Wasaga Beach Denture Clinic serving in Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, and surrounding areas are concerned about your perfect smile and believe in providing solutions that improve your life's quality. Good dentures can enhance your appearance by adequately supporting your cheeks and lips. But the benefits of dentures are not limited to just your appearance. Dentures also help increase your ability to eat more comfortably and speak more clearly.


When you visit our denture clinic for new dentures or to replace your older ones, we thoroughly assess your mouth to understand your condition and suggest the best option for your needs. Our denturist believes in complete oral care, which is not limited to just your smile.

Benefits of Using Professional Denture Services

Getting denture services from a professional offers several benefits, including:


Customized treatment: Professional denturists provide personalized care tailored to your unique needs. They have the expertise to assess the condition of your dentures and oral health accurately. Through regular appointments, they can make necessary adjustments, repairs, or replacements, ensuring that your dentures fit properly and function optimally.


Improved oral health: Regular denture clinic visits contribute to better oral health. Denturists can examine your gums, soft tissues, and bone structure to identify underlying issues. They will provide professional cleaning services to remove plaque and tartar buildup, reducing the risk of gum disease and other oral health problems.


Preventive care: Professional denturists play a crucial role in preventative dental care. During regular appointments, they can identify potential oral health problems, such as infections, oral cancer, or signs of poor oral hygiene. Early detection of these issues allows for timely intervention and appropriate treatment, reducing the risk of complications and promoting better oral health.

Enhanced comfort and fit: Ill-fitting dentures can cause discomfort, soreness, and difficulty eating and speaking. Professional denturists have the skills to assess and adjust the fit of your dentures, ensuring they are comfortable and secure. Addressing discomfort or sore spots during regular appointments can significantly improve your denture-wearing experience.  

Longevity of dentures: Professional care and regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your dentures. Denturists can identify early signs of wear, fractures, or damage, preventing more significant issues in the future. Timely repairs or adjustments can help avoid the need for costly replacements and ensure that your dentures remain functional for a more extended period.

Aesthetic appeal: Well-maintained dentures contribute to an improved aesthetic appearance. Denturists can advise you on the best methods to care for your dentures, including proper cleaning techniques and suitable products. They can also recommend adjustments or replacements to address any changes in your facial structure, ensuring that your dentures provide a natural and attractive smile.

Patient education and guidance: Denturists can provide valuable tips and recommendations on maintaining the health of your dentures and oral tissues. They can also answer your concerns regarding the betterment of your oral health.

visit our denture clinic serving Collingwood and surrounding areas for professional repair and maintenance services to ensure your dentures function properly and promote better oral health.

Why Choose Us?

If you still can’t make up your mind whether you should choose us or not, here are some points that you should consider:

Patient follow-up and aftercare services

1-year warranty with all our dentures

Free yearly checkups and follow-ups

Come and See Us


682 River Rd W,

Wasaga Beach, ON, L9Z 2P1


Walk-ins are welcome, but we recommend to call and book an appointment.


Main: 705-429-8474

Toll-free: 1-888-531-6290


Business Hours

Monday 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Tuesday 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM

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Few Words from Our Clients

Over the years, our team has helped many people regain their confident smiles with oral care services. Here is what our customers have to say about us:

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Enjoyed the Whole Experience.

“Very happy with the time and care to complete my work. Reasonable, clean, personable staff and enjoyed the whole experience and very happy with the end product.”



A denturist talking to a female patient

Have Questions Related to Dental Procedures?

Are you confused and have questions about dental implant procedures?

An elderly patient checking out their teeth in a mirror

 Our Team of Denturists

Our reputable, friendly, experienced team provides advanced care and advice.

A man with a broad smile

Get in Touch with Us!

A fully restored and beautiful smile is only a phone call away. Call today!

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Our Denture Relining Services

We offer denture relining services to ensure a perfect smile for you. Our denture reline services can help ensure that your dentures fit snugly and comfortably, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile confidently.

A woman getting her teeth examined

Immediate Dentures Service

Get immediate dentures from our team of experienced denturists. These dentures are fabricated before your natural teeth are removed so you can leave our clinic with a complete set of teeth.

A detailed artificial denture

Our Reliable Partial Denture Service

Partial dentures offer a removable solution that fills in the gaps and restores functionality to your smile. Our experienced team will custom-design your dentures to blend seamlessly with your remaining teeth.

A woman checking her teeth in a handheld mirror

Denture Repairs in Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, & Surrounding Areas

Our experienced denturists are here to repair your dentures quickly and effectively. Whether you have a cracked denture or a missing tooth, we'll work efficiently to restore your smile to its prime.

A patient smiling at the camera

Complete Denture Solutions

At Wasaga Beach Denture Clinic, we offer complete denture solutions for people of all ages. If you are missing all of your teeth, complete dentures can help you regain the ability to eat, speak, and smile comfortably.

A patient talking to the dentist

Trusted Dental Implants

Looking to get dental implants? For patients seeking a more permanent solution, implant dentures provide stability and support by anchoring your dentures to dental implants surgically placed in your jawbone.

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