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Get Repair and Care Services for Your Dentures in Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach Denture Clinic doctors depend on technological advancements and state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with beautiful, natural-looking dentures. We believe that there is no problem big enough to keep you from smiling and leading a healthy life. Our wide range of denture services can satisfy your aesthetic and functional needs. Do not worry if you have missing teeth, broken teeth or decayed teeth. We can replace a partial or complete arch of missing teeth with dentures to support your cheeks and lips. When you visit our practice in Wasaga Beach we can suggest which type of dentures is the best for you.

Our Services

Your comfort is our primary goal at Wasaga Beach Denture Clinic. We utilize the newest dental technologies to help you get the perfect smile without much discomfort and get superior quality results. We offer the following types of dentures in Wasaga Beach:


Complete dentures: Losing teeth should not come in your way of leading a happy and healthy life. Do not worry if you have lost your teeth; we can bring back your smile by providing you with a replacement. Complete dentures are affordable to replace all of your upper or lower teeth. We offer you customized dentures that provide impeccable fit and help you live a comfortable life.


Partial dentures: Missing teeth can keep you from smiling often. We understand the embarrassment of gaps between teeth and offer you the perfect solution - partial dentures. These dentures are made keeping in mind the colour of your natural teeth to give you a fantastic smile. Partial dentures are supported by metal clasps that fit around your remaining healthy teeth or dental crowns.


Immediate dentures: Dentures take some time to get fabricated, and the wait to get back to your routine can be painful. We help you get through the transition phase with ease with the help of immediate dentures. These dentures are made a day before you visit the dentist for extraction and are fitted in your mouth right after the extraction process so that you do not have to go toothless while your permanent dentures are being made.


Implant dentures: Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable for some people. In such cases, we recommend implant dentures that offer great comfort as they are easy on your jaw. We have permanent and removable implant dentures. You can choose any depending upon your needs, lifestyle and dental problems. Implant dentures look exactly like your normal teeth, so you do not have to hesitate while smiling.


We are also equipped to handle your denture repairs and relining. Please speak to our team today about all your needs related to dentures in Wasaga Beach.

Your Smile is Beautiful

We offer different dentures to suit individual needs and preferences.

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