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Denture Maintenance and Dental Repair Services in Wasaga Beach

Are your dentures broken or damaged? Wasaga Beach Denture Clinic can provide quick and reliable repairs for your dentures. Our experienced team offers dental repairs and maintenance to fix a broken, cracked or damaged denture back to its original form and help you smile again. For us, your comfort and oral health are a top priority. If you have any questions about dentures, feel free to go through our FAQ page. Give us a call for a repair or dental service in Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Elmvale, Creemore, Stayner and the surrounding areas.

Our Repair Services

When there is something wrong with your teeth, life becomes troublesome and challenging to carry on. It is difficult to do basic things like smiling or chewing your favourite food with broken dentures. We can repair any cracked, broken and damaged denture, irrespective of its make. And all this in just one day.


Sometimes damage to dentures can also signify something else wrong with your oral health. If that is the case, we will do a thorough examination. This allows us to give you new and perfectly fitted dentures.

The two repair services that we offer are:



A denture reline, which involves taking a new impression and refitting the denture to the gums, is a common remedy for a loose-fitting denture. Relining dentures can usually be done on the same day.



Denture adjustments can help relieve the soreness caused by elevatedness on your gums where the denture rests.

Connect with Us

We have been providing denture repairs in Wasaga Beach and the surrounding regions for around 30 years. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our dedicated and experienced team.

Get same-day repairs for your dentures at Wasaga Beach Denture Clinic.

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